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(last updated 11/2/15)

MoonDance is very excited to welcome Joshua Barnes, coach extraordinaire, to our family. Josh will be the head coach for our new expanding gymnastics program that will add apparatus to our tumbling. Josh is also heading up the Blue Devils; our elite cheer competition team. Our cheer girls will have their own gymnastics class (Monday from 6:00 to 7:00) and their cheer class will be Friday from 4:00 to 6:00. This program will be lots of work but also lots of fun for athletic girls from 8 to 18 who like a challenge. Cheer is not included in your dance family cap. For all three hours per week, your cost will be $80/month. Please call me with any questions about our new additions.
Because so many people count on their smart phones for information and aren't able to access the website with their phones, (what's up with that?) we have added a new MoonDance Studios page to Facebook. You can find the page by doing a fb search; the new page will show up with our logo. All you need to do is "like" the page once you're on it and click on "get notifications" to have all MoonDance posts show up in your fb newsfeed. Because I can post there and not have to notify our web manager, I will be using this fb page to change or cancel classes (due to weather) and provide most information. The website will remain intact and will still have information added to the bulletin board, but I will use the fb page for daily info, So please check your fb regularly. Thank you; we're off to an exciting start!

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Kim 764-1385/227-1664

Changes to the class calendar will be made a week in advanced. Please check the bulletin board weekly for changes and other information.
Detailed schedules for June that include make-ups, rehearsal and recital information will be posted each Friday to the bulletin board.
Any changes to the above schedule will be posted on the website bulletin board at least a week prior to the change.
Please refer to the "Parking" instructions in the "About Us" section of the website.
Please learn your/your childs class name so that you may check the bulletin board for applicable information.
All payments for classes are to be made the first class of each month without exception. A late fee of $10 will be added to fees paid after the first week of the month. Thank you for your compliance.
Monthly fees must be current for performance participation throughout the year.
All items ordered through the Studio must be paid for at the time they are ordered.
Please park only in one of the five spaces in front of the Studio or in the large lot at the side of the building.
No shoes are allowed in the Studio past the entry way. This applies to everyone; dancers, parents, visitors, etc.
All students must wear their class leotards and approved accessories. Hair must be up and away from the face.
Recital costumes will be ordered in January/February with payment due then. Cost is approximately $100.
Please become familiar with our Studio policies by checking the Studio Information link on our MoonDance website.
Call or e-mail me anytime with questions or concerns.
Thanks for choosing MoonDance Studios for you/your child's dance education.

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